FerryAir has over the last 25 years built up a fantastic database of clients requiring Worldwide Aircraft Ferrying services. Most of these clients came to FerryAir with the take-over of Worldwide Aircraft Ferries by FerryAir in 1995.

Worldwide Aircraft Ferries was 1st established in 1978 as the Parent Company of the North London Flying Club and moved into Aircraft ferrying completing 25 ferry flights within the initial 10 months. Thereafter the business just seemed to expand with constant requests for Aircraft to be ferried Worldwide
FerryAir relocated to Scotland in April 2002 and have expanded their client list further still. Our Aircrew are available to ferry your aircraft on your behalf from anywhere in the world to anywhere in the world.

We have an online contact form for ease of requesting a quote for your requirements. Our quotes are very competitive and we endeavour to give our clients the best service possible.

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